Children's Programs

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A little bit more about the program! 

The program is led by Vittoria Monte. The Owner of the blooming lotus center.  She brings her background of her psychology degree, Montessori training, and years of experience teaching music and working with infants, toddlers, and elementary school children.  


This program has been designed to be a multi-disciplinary program so that it involves all the senses. It's also designed to help in the development of fine motor, gross motor, social-emotional skills, and creativity/expression.


The music will involve the child and the caregivers/parent participation. We will be singing songs, using hand instruments (shakers, sticks, bean bags, drums, etc), and dancing. Children will be learning musical concepts such as steady beat, loud vs soft, high vs low without them realizing it. To them, it's just having fun and playing music! 


The nature portion will also involve the child and the caregiver/parent participation, but this will be more open-ended allowing for the child to be very creative. 
The nature play will involve nature and art combined. The style of art that will be used is process art/Reggio Emilia inspired. There is no "step by step instructions" and everyone will walk away with a project that looks unique instead of the same as each other.  Some weeks will also have nature sensory bins too! 

The program has been designed for children as young as 18 months to get involved it can be as simple or complex as the child wants it to be.