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Our Mission:

A center for creative expression, learning for all ages, and where fun memories are created. Offering music lessons and children's programs.

We are a small business that loves to share creativity & joy in the Rhode Island community. We foster an environment in which students & children learn and discover themselves. We provide the tools and guidance and they pave their own path. We honor and embrace that each child is an individual with unique needs, interests and learning styles. Music provides an excellent outlet for creative expression. Music can be whatever it needs to be for the student. It can be fun, it can be comforting, it can be professional. Music can be anything YOU need it to be!  

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A Note From My Daughter: 

I love taking violin with Vittoria because when I practice I can go to the prize box!!! Vittoria is really good at violin and I want my songs to sound like hers. My friend Gabriella and cousin Emma go to Vittoria and she is teaching us duets and "3s" so we can play together like a band.....a girl band!!


- Grace Dugan

Words can't even begin to explain how we truly enjoy having Miss Tori teach Jendaliz. Jendaliz started playing the piano when she was four years old. I'm not a music teacher, but I can tell you Miss Tori really took the time to figure out how to start teaching a four year old that has never taken any music lessons. She has gone above and beyond to help my daughter understand music. Jendaliz truly loves her piano lessons with Miss Tori. We have found our forever music school at The Blooming Lotus.

- Cynthia Rivas

Our six year old son began taking piano lessons for the first time a few months ago with Tori and it has been wonderful. Tori is great with our son--she is kind and warm with him and does a great job giving him new material to work on each week without overwhelming him. He's made tons of progress in the short time he's been going and it's been fun for him the whole way. He loves playing (we don't have to ask him to practice!) and looks forward to his lesson every week. We feel really lucky that we found Tori and would recommend her without hesitation.


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